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SHD2, Delft windlicht Oude Kerk, #1
SHD2, Delft windlicht Oude Kerk, #2
SHD2, Oude Jan, #3

Delft Church Candle Light


Artist: Simone Haak

Category: International Artist

Material: Earthenware

Technique: Casted




Located at the "Oude Delft" (Old Delft), it is also known affectionately by the locals as the "Oude Jan" (Old John). Since its inception in 1246, it has witnessed the history, the suffering and the happiness of Delft city and its people. Its main tower, as the time flows by, has slowly relinquished its vertical position, and leans 2 meters away from it. (source: Oude Jan Wiki page)

Simone Haak, who lives in Delft, has captured the signature leaning form of the main tower, and minimizes the giant monumental architecture into a wind light.

Colored in red, it emits an energetic feeling to its viewer in daylight. And, with the waving flame of a lit candle, it radiates warm lights through the openings of the tower, rendering a elusive brightness among the shadows of the night.