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Since its inception in 1986, Terra Delft has always been the place for high-quality contemporary ceramics. From art to design, Terra offers a wide collection of contemporary ceramic works for people who seek for ceramic aesthetics.

In 2021, Terra budded in Beijing, China. Terra Beijing is an undertaking of friendship between Joke, Simone, Di and Chao, with the ambition of becoming the equivalent of Terra Delft in China, forming a hub of contemporary ceramic art works and the appreciators thereof.

Location of Terra Beijing

Our location

The address is 10-1-1501, No.16 Xin Hua Li, Xi Cheng district, Beijing city, Beijing, China.

If you are in town, it is rather convenient to reach here by public transports (buses, or metro). For anyone who plans to commute by car, there are paid parking spots available along the street.

Appointment for Visit

We are open for visit per appointment. You could make an appointment with us through one of the following methods:

- Follow the WeChat account of Terra Beijing, and there is a ”预约“ button in the menu bar to display appointment time slots.

- Contact us directly using the details below.


E-mail: info@terra-bj.cn

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