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Zhao Bin

Bin Zhao, PhD. in progress, Lecturer in School of Design and Arts, Beijing Institute of Technology since 2005. Since he has accepted by the position, he is one of the teachers in charge of ceramic studio of the school. Besides teaching, he has studied and worked in ceramic art and design for more than 20 years. He is an active ceramist of national and international ceramic arts exhibitions and author of Delicate and Elegant Chinese Ceramics.

He has interested and using in different ceramic arts aspects and techniques, such as Casting, Salt fire, Raku etc. His ceramic works mostly relative from the human bodies to their emotions. and shows the concepts which are integrated with immerse in contemporary ceramics inspirations and the traditional Chinese ceramic arts background. Recently, he has been created some digital ceramic art works which were completed by 3D software of computer combine with ceramic 3D printing machine and techniques.