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Wenna has a world of her own in her mind, where gods, ghosts and spirits reside, whispering and speaking to her, and coming and going among their trusty and cozy clouds.

It is an overwhelming experience to be the only person on this world who actually can "see" them. As an experienced illustrator and mural painter, Wenna took time and pain to invite each of her spiritual friend out of her mental world onto papers, and compiled them into a book, and she calls it the "book of Wenna's".

When Simone invited Wenna to Delft for an art residency in 2015, she decided to theme her work around the illustrations in the book, and has carefully formed sculptures of her imaginary figures, from mental to physical, from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional, her imagination continues to materialize into reality. What's the next step? Bringing them to life?