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Susanne Silvertant

The visual strength of Susanne Silvertant’s work lies in her eye for proportion and an unfussy approach to making. Her interest in architecture is incorporated into her ceramic objects. Her work is characterized by its sculptural style and its weathered appearance. Solid, rational forms reveal a fascination for the surface. The clay is often textured and the colours of the glaze are intense. All of her work is built by hand and raku-fired. Contrasts are important in her work: inlays of pieces of porcelain create bright accents and a contrast to the coarse clay. Recently she has also been incorporating high-fired porcelain and kiln-casted glass into her objects.

Sometimes Silvertant works in cooperation with the painter Marie Jose Leenders, who is specialized in a Japanese brush technique. By bringing these two Japanese techniques together, an exciting new connection is created, in which the beauty of the imperfect, coincidence and wonder are central. Some wall pieces in the stock of Terra Delft show this connection.