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Jan Kamphuis

Jan Kamphuis makes coloured vases composed out of decorated clay slabs. The first phase consists of decorating, painting plaster plates with engobe. He builds up his decoration with colourful layers. On the dry plaster he brings up a painting that attaches itself to the clay slabs. When the clay is still soft and manageable, he cuts the rag into the desired shape and assembles them to each other. Eventually, the vase objects transparent glazed and fired at 1200 degrees. Jan finds two types of public for its ceramics with swaying contours and rolling, sparkling decorated walls. One may put flowers in the vase while the other considers the same vase as an art object. Partly because of that functionality and good price lining his work is very accessible and stores as a bridge between design and art.

After winning the prestigious Inax Design Prize in 1995 Tokoname, Japan, his the love for Japan never disappeared. Now Jan is also tour leader at culture travels to Japan.