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Elke Sada

Born in 1965, in Dettelbach, Elke Sada herself is an incredible story. In 1987, she graduated in Chemistry from Chemisches Institut Dr. Flad, Stuttgart. And after that, as a logical path, she pursued a career in science and technology in different countries like the US, Italy and Germany.

However, she is not only curious about technology, but also interested in art. In fact, this interest eventually developed so far, that she chose to pour her time entirely into it. At 2003, she completed her study at the Bath Spa University, in the subject of 3D-design Ceramics, followed by a master program in the renowned Royal College of Art, in the subject of Glass and Ceramics.

The style of her art is unique and intriguing: Interleaving lines, over a powerful display of pigments, over the spatial dynamics radiated from the ceramic objects, invites our mind and senses to inspect it and wonder about it.